Monday, January 26, 2009

Lunch at Viva Herbal Natural Pizza

Today I took the plunge and joined Crunch. I'm so excited to start! I will take a class tomorrow and let you all know how it is. I'm think bodyweb, which is basically using your body weight on different ropes to get a workout. Sounds interesting...
I also had lunch at Viva Herbal Natural Pizza. I was in a rush because I was meeting friends to go to a play (more about this later). It looks like your typical pizza place; but it only serves food made of natural ingredients: lots of whole wheat and fresh vegetables. I had a salad which was fresh and delicious. I also had the vegan picante slice of pizza. The slice was huge and soooo good. It had soy sausage, red pepper, and fresh tomato sauce. The meal was super filling, extremely fast, and under 10 dollars (unheard of in NYC.) I ran out without trying dessert; but I will definitely try it next time I go. I'm exhausted so I will let you all know about the show and dinner tomorrow. Goodnight city dwellers!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Day of Vegan Food

Today I decided to go check out gyms. I'm a little late on the New Years resolutions but I decided to turn over a new leaf after packing on the obligatory holiday season pounds. I think I ultimately decided on Crunch. They have a boxing ring, live DJ's and even a Pogo Stick class. It sounds awesome! I'll let you know how it goes. All that gym shopping worked up an appetite so I ended up going to Atlas (73 Second Avenue between 4th and 5th.) I'm not going to lie, it was a disappointment. It was extremely small and cluttered, which is excusable but the service and food was also bad. It took forever for me to get my faux chicken crepe. Their was very little faux chicken in it. It was mostly vegan cream cheese and a few sections were just spinach and sundried tomatoes. It wasn't filled evenly at all. It was not tasty at all and I was extremely disappointed. At the end of my meal I used their bathroom that was behind the counter by the kitchen and it was disgusting. I couldn't even use it. When I came out I glanced at the kitchen and I could visibly see black grime on the kitchen counters!!! I was so grossed out! I was going to stay for dessert but after seeing that I had to leave. So instead I went to Stogo down the street (159 2nd Ave at 10th.) This place is totally amazing! It is a little ice cream shop with some other treats. I had a scoop of the chocolate hazelnut and a scoop of the mint chocolate chip ice cream. They were both delicious. The staff was so nice and friendly and the atmosphere is clean (unlike Atlas) and modern. I will definitely be back there soon. I really am going to need that gym membership...

A City Girl is Born!!

I just moved into the city a couple weeks ago and it is a vegan's paradise. (A very expensive paradise but a paradise none the less) Downtown New York has more vegetarian restaurants in a block then then the entire city of Tallahassee (my former home). Last night, I went with a few friends to Benny's Burritos located at 93 Avenue A. Mexican restaurants are always a good choice, but Benny's Burritos was even better than expected. I got the non-dairy burrito and it was delicious!!! It had vegan sour cream. Although it didn't taste exactly like the real stuff, it really good. They also soy cheese that could be substituted in any dish.  The place was extremely crowded but also really fast. I loved it!  After that we headed over to Lula's Sweet Apothecary at 516 East 6th Street (Between Avenues A &B.) It was an old time ice cream parlour that only sold vegan ice cream. It was delicious and the people who worked there were extremely sweet. I had the cake batter ice cream with whip cream and a cherry. It tasted like the real deal. They had brownies that looked delicious too, maybe I will try those next time. If these places are representative of the vegan options in the city I will be in heaven! Please let me know if you have any recommendations for places to eat, shop, or visit that are good for vegans. Us vegans (and vegan sympathizers)  need to stick together!!!